Debritto Higher Secondary School

Devakottai, Sivagangai District-630302
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Alumni Associations
  • The Former Students Federation of Jesuit Schools is a movement of those who have done their studies in any of the Jesuit Institutions. “As far as resources permit, the school will offer guidance and ongoing formation so that those who received basic formation in the school can be more effective in putting their formation into practice in adult life and can continue to deepan their dedication to the service of others” (COJE).
  • “The Society if ready to assist in every project that Jesuit Association shall undertake, but the initiative and the final responsibility has to remain with former students themselves. We can inspire, we can collaborate but the planning and the responsibility shall be with them”. (Pedro Arruppe)
Aims and Objectives

To imbibe the vision of the Society of Jesus.

  • To create close bonds of friendship and support between the Jesuit institutions and the former students.
  • To encourage fellowship among the alumni themselves in order to sustain them to live out their professional lives inspired by the values received in our institutions.
  • To become deeply involved in the problems of the city in order to make life more just – even getting involved in the political sphere.
  • To grow in faith that does justice, to become men and women for others and to manifest a particular concern for the poor.
  • To cast our lot with the 60% of our people who are poor, especially with the Dalits and to join hands with movements that work towards their integral liberation
Jesuit Alumni Association
  • Jesuit Alumni Association Tamil Nadu (JAAT) is an association consisting of all the School and College alumni associations in Tamil Nadu. There are 17 Alumni Associations in the Province of Madurai out of which 7 are of the colleges and 10 are of the Schools. The four Southern Jesuit Provinces have a Southern Zonal Council of the Federation of the Jesuit Alumni Associations of India.
  • All the Jesuit Alumni Associations of Madurai Province have become the member Association of Federation of the Jesuit Alumni Association of India (FJAAI) and consequently the member Association of World Federation of Jesuit Alumni Association.
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Alumni Associations
  • All former students of our schools become members of the Alumni Association by paying a regular subscription
  • All the patrons who pay Rs.3000/- become life members.
  • All the teaching and non-teaching staff are eligible to become members of this association even though they may not have been former students. They become life members by paying Rs.500/-.
  • Associates and well-wishers of the institution who are our neighbours may be allowed to become members of this association with the approval of the Executive Committee
  • The Headmaster is the ex-officio Patron of the Alumni Association.
  • The Director, a Jesuit, is nominated by the Rector/Superior.
  • The Executive Committee – Except for some members nominated by the Director, the other members are to be elected by the General Body.
  • The Executive Committee is to elect the following members who hold office for three years.

    President : He is to be a lay member and not a priest.

    Vice President (Funds & Projects) : He is to be one of the local alumni.

    Vice President (Membership & Coordination) : He is to be a staff member.

    Secretary : A staff member.

    Joint Secretary : A local alumnus.

    Treasurer : A local alumnus

  • The Alumni Association should always function in consultation with the Headmaster while organizing or undertaking various programmes, projects, activities etc., avoiding independent ways of functioning.
  • Accounts must be submitted in the General Body Meeting at the end of academic year and one copy of the Accounts must be given to the Headmaster and one to the Rector/Superior.
Office bearers
  • Director : Rev.Fr. M. Vincent Amalraj,-9442970277 /li>
  • President : Mr.R.Nedunchezhian-9443129919-
  • Vice President :Mr. S. James David-8903620025
  • Secretary :Mr. M. Sahayam Joseph Xavier-9442527056
  • Treasurer :Mr. S. Anbarasan-9952818782
  • Joint Secretary : Mr. S. Leve Joseph Raja -9442261848
  • Joint Secretary : Mr. V.R. Arunachalam-9443442324
  • E.C Member :Mr. M. Shanmuganathan- 9486002750
  • E.C Member :Dr. K.R. Periyasamy-9443142629
  • E.C Member:Mr. G. Thinakaran-9842773123
  • E.C Member :Dr. A. Jeyakumar-9443685197
  • E.C Member Mr. I. Susairaj-9442526201
  • E.C Member :Mr. N.C. Rajan-9443152258
  • E.C Member:Mr. Mr. M. Sornalingam-9443210143
  • E.C Member :Mr. S. Jeganathan-9443978098
  • E.C Member :Mr. R.D.Pugal 9486906181-
  • E.C Member :Mr. J. Ebinezar-9443782852
  • E.C Member:Mr. S. Selvaraj-9486232519
  • E.C Member :Mr. A. Stanislaus Stephen-9488891616
  • E.C Member :Mr. A. Prabakar -9442251142
  • E.C Member :Mr. S. Gaspar-9894090021
  • E.C Member:Mr. P. Arockia Issac-9442120214
  • E.C Member :Mr. A. BrabulinBabu-9488990194
  • E.C Member :Mr. I. John Kennedy-9486611220
  • E.C Member :Mr. S. Kulandaisamy-9442562471
  • E.C Member:Mr. P.Britto Raj-9865043494
  • E.C Member :Dr. M.Stephen Mickel Raj-9842589571
  • E.C Member :Mr. S. Richard -9952298182
  • E.C Member :Mr. A. Maria Jeyapaul-9443005633
  • E.C Member:Mr. SebastinRajendran-7708183345
  • E.C Member :Mr. K.A.Iruthayaraj-9442193421
  • E.C Member :Mr. D. John Britto Savarinathan-9443079628
  • E.C Member:Mr. S. John Peter Gnanapragasam-9486631694
  • E.C Member :Mr. A. Swaminathan-9965745922
  • E.C Member:Mr. P. Nallathambi-9488264696
  • E.C Member Mr. R.S. Gnanasekaran-9443050789